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Nashville music producer, Ben Reno walks us through his creative process and mindset on creating some of the biggest hits in country music. 

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  • 5+ hours of Video Lessons

  • Exclusive Access: Studio Tour & Q&A

  • Step by Step Curriculum



Ben Reno, is a Nashville based record producer, mix engineer, songwriter, and composer who helps artists, songwriters, and TV producers DEFINE THEIR SOUND. (Blake Shelton, Loretta Lynn, Lady A, The Voice, Laura Osnes, Adam Levine, Breaking Bad, Ellen, and Sherlock Holmes.  Ben is known for his attention to detail, workhorse mentality, and state of the art recording facility where he crafts hit records day in and day out. Ben is here to teach students at all stages in their careers the secrets of being a working producer in the music industry. 

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Welcome to  Majestic Ape Studio. Meet Ben Reno, award-winning record producer. Learn what he's got planned for your class in music production and mixing.

Ben shares his story and how he got started as a producer.  He discusses his never ending obsession with recording and music production. 

Ben believes in order to better communicate with an artist, band, or session players.  Producers should know an instrument or learn the roles of the rhythm section. 

Every four bars something must happen in your song arrangement. You will learn how Ben trims the fat to bring emphasis to the song's story, lyric, and create signature licks.

Pre-Production with Acoustic Guitar. Setting the right tempo, key selection, song mapping with markers and recording scratch vocals. 

Getting things out of the way of the vocals, doesn’t matter how much you paid for it. Vocal Is King.

Ben gives you a detailed walkthrough of his home production facility. How he built it out, what it cost, and how you can do it. 


(Mic placement, mic selection, click track, the kit, and the room.


Getting Tones,Tracking DI Bass, and Mixing (ITB)


Mic Choice, Placement, and the minor details that matter. 


Ben records an artist in the studio, reveals the golden signal chain, and reveals his vocal mixing template. Adding air, space, and dimension to the vocal inside Pro Tools. 


Ben breaks down an entire song mix from start to finish at Spellbound Records in front

of a panel of Belmont Students. 

Ben gives you a detailed walkthrough of his home production facility. How he built it out, what it cost, and how you can do it. 


After breaking down the mix, Ben answers student's question live in the room. 

About This Class

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