Music Production Studio in Nashville, TN

Majestic Ape Studio Is The Premier Nashville Recording Studio. 

Owned And Operated By Producer Ben Reno.


Majestic Ape has played a key role in the careers of artists and/or songwriters for over a decade. Dedicated to helping artists grow as a musician or songwriter, capturing their body of work, one song at a time. Majestic Ape is known for state of the art sound, A-list musicians, and the best Producer Artist relationship you'll find in the music industry. 

We offer Music Production Services, Artist Development, Mixing, and Mastering to clients across Nashville, Tennessee, Franklin TN, Brentwood TN, Hendersonville, TN, Springhill, TN, Mount Juliet, TN, and surrounding areas of Nashville. 





Ben Reno is an award-winning record producer, songwriter, musician, composer and mix engineer in Nashville.  


Ben's songs have appeared in television, film, video games, country radio, CMT, GAC, and music libraries over the past decade. Starting as an artist and session musician, he quickly realized that his dream job was helping artists grow from the opposite side of the glass.  Ben is known for helping artists define their sound and serving as a guiding light, to an artist's body of work. His credits include producing, mixing, and composing for The Voice, Loretta Lynn, Lady Antebellum, Breaking Bad, Jurassic Park, Ellen Degeneres, The Price is Right, and Sherlock Holmes. 


Single Song, EP, & Album Music Production

We help world-class songwriters and recording artists all over the world, produce their music from start to finish. We offer full band tracking sessions, vocal recording, instrument overdubs, and custom music arrangements for your songs...


We take the raw individual tracks you've recorded at any studio and enhance the sonic quality, balance, and emotion of your song. Using creative mixing techniques, top-notch gear, digital editing, and years of experience...


We use a blend of analog and digital software ensuring your music will be competitive and consistent when distributed to the industry. We give it the perceived loudness, clarity and punch it deserves song to song, genre to genre... 

Demo Production

If you're a songwriter who needs a top-quality demo for pitching to music publishers, labels, and more. We can help you record it from start to finish...



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"I've known and worked with Ben over a decade now, and he's the kind of producer that I like to mix records for. He shows up with his ideas fully-formed, but he is still totally receptive to trying an alternate approach. His only concern is making the best record for his artist."

-Ed Seay, Legendary Mix Engineer

(Blake Shelton, Martina McBride)


"As a producer, my job is to serve the song, and lead the artist to victory!"

-Ben Reno, Producer


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World-Class Music Production, Artist Development, Mixing & Mastering by Award-Winning Producer Ben Reno


Located in beautiful Nashville, TN

Phone: (615) 719-1371

Email: benrenocomposer@gmail.com

Music Producer Based In Nashville, Tennessee. 

Music Production Studio in Nashville, Tennessee

Recording Studio for clients across Tennessee, Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood in Tennessee & Hendersonville in Tennessee, Springhill in Tennessee, Mount Juliet, Tennessee. 

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